Body Psychotherapy Glasgow 


I am currently offering online sessions and can now extend my service throughout the UK.  If you are based locally I would hope that we would eventually be able to switch to in-person sessions. 

This work will still be embodied, dynamic and focused on the body-mind connection. I hope that in this challenging time you will still feel able to reach out for the support you are looking for. 

Contact me here for more information and to book a free 20 minute consultation. 


Body-psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that believes that the body can reflect and hold an individual's state of being and life experiences. It works on the premise that our well being is not just established through the thinking mind but it is a holistic state combining body-mind-spirit and that our bodies hold all of our emotional states and stresses. 

For many people feelings of illness, tiredness and an overall lack of vitality have become the norm, as a result relationships, work and life overall can feel more difficult. In body-psychotherapy we can explore how these patterns are laid down in our lives and find new ways to challenge the habitual and unhealthy behaviours that stop us truly living life to the full.


We would arrange a free 20 minute exploratory session to meet and discuss working together. Thereafter we would find a suitable time for further sessions, which would be held confidentially using the Zoom platform. 

I charge £45 for a 1-hour session.

If you are out of work or struggling financially please ask me about my sliding scale. 

To book an initial consultation appointment go here. 

Appointments and Cancellation

To book an appointment please use the contact form to email me or phone me directly and we can discuss further what you are looking for before arranging a suitable time to meet. 

Once an appointment is booked I require 48 hours notice for all cancellations. I realise and understand that sometimes this is unavoidable and wherever possible I will work with you to try and rearrange the appointment for a more suitable time and date. 


Contact me 

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Rebecca Warner-Hodgkin M.A


07455 317052

Rebecca Warner-Hodgkin