Our Services

Biodynamic massage is a therapeutic massage that supports both the body and mind at any stage of life. It is particularly good for nervous system regulation and can be a good compliment for anyone looking to add a somatic support to their own therapeutic process.

I work from a trauma-informed perspective, supporting you in the process of getting to know your body and listen to its messages bringing you more into contact with your essential self. 

Biodynamic massage is suitable for nearly everybody, and can be particularly effective for those with chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, feelings of grief, stress, depression and anyone just looking to dive deep into embodiment and somatics. 

Although biodynamic massage can bring up big feelings this is not a psychotherapeutic offering, anyone wishing to have body psychotherapy should contact me through the contact section on my website below.

I work from home near the West End and close to the Anniesland train station. Exact details will be confirmed in the pre-session call. Any queries please feel free to email using the contact box below.