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 “Listen – are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" 

Mary Oliver

How I Work

Each session starts with us sitting in chairs and together we co-create the best way forward for your personal circumstances. In the first few sessions we will probably do quite a lot of talking as we get to know each other and establish our relationship.


As the sessions progress we might start to explore bodily sensations, and feelings using visualisations, guided imagery, body scans and where possible touch or movement. I have a range of tools and skills to help you to do this, and each session takes into consideration your specific needs and circumstances.  We decide together how the session moves forward and always with your consent. 


As a body psychotherapist I am keen to support you to find new ways of connecting with yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually by working collaboratively with you to establish the best therapeutic approach for your needs. Whatever your reason for exploring body psychotherapy, I am here to support you on this journey.


Sessions are arranged on a weekly basis, normally at the same time every week.  I am happy to do short or long term work and this would remain an open discussion between us as needed.

I charge £65 for 1-hour session, if you are unemployed or low-waged please ask about my sliding scale. 



Appointments and Cancellations

To book a session please use the contact form to email me or feel free to phone me directly and we can discuss further what you are looking for before arranging a suitable time to meet. 

I offer sessions online and in-person throughout the week.

Once an appointment is booked I require 48 hours notice for all cancellations. I realise and understand that sometimes this is unavoidable and wherever possible I will work with you to try and rearrange the appointment for a more suitable time and date. 

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