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An Exploration in Touch 

31 May 2020 

2:30pm - 4:30pm BST


Join me in a 2-hour online workshop for an exploration of the healing and transformative power of touch and self-massage. 


Throughout the session we will explore different levels of touch from very soft and gentle strokes to how to get into those really knotty tight places as a way to give yourself a big additional dose of self-care for these uncertain and difficult times. 

We will get together over Zoom and I will offer a range of tools that can be used by and on yourself in a safe and non-harmful way to make contact, and explore ourselves and our bodies. This will primarily include a range of different types of massage and self-touch, as well as some body movement and relaxation exercises to take us into a final restful state. 

Touch and movement are wonderful tools to find new ways to be curious about ourselves, who we are, what we feel, as well as tapping into and finding ways to meet our own essential needs. The session will be an opportunity for you to explore this in depth with the guidance of a long term massage practitioner.

This workshop is open to everybody and is intended to be non-psychotherapeutic in nature, however the nature of touch is that things may arise and there will be an opportunity to ask questions either in the group or privately afterwards. 

For bookings or any enquiries please email me directly on, you will then receive an email with details on how to pay and further guidance on what you will need for the workshop. 

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