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Coming out of lockdown

Coming out of #lockdown was never going to be easy. We have spent months with very limited contact with the outside world so to now suddenly be able to do many of the things that we previously took for granted will feel oddly dissonant. We are not going back to life as it once was.

Rest assured if you are feeling #anxious or worried about being out in the world you are not alone. Things have changed and we are being asked to change our habits and to wear masks and whilst these might seem like small things they add up. My advice is to pace yourself; it may be tempting to rush out and do all the things but navigating and building emotional capacity to cope with such big changes may require a slower pace.

This will look different for everybody, but if you are not ready to get a haircut, or go to the pub, that’s OK, these things will still be there even if you need a few extra weeks to feel ready.

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